About the Foundation

The Bruce Verhoeven Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in memory of Bruce R. Verhoeven, a Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff who was killed during the performance of his duties on December 4, 1973.

At the time of Corporal Verhoeven's death, an outpouring of donations were received from the community and Bruce's fellow officers to assist the Verhoeven family. Bruce's widow felt that the excess funds she had received should be returned to the Sheriff's Department, and suggested a fund be established to assist other Sacramento law enforcement families in times of crisis.

The Foundation was incorporated on May 23, 1975 as a tax exempt, charitable organization, with a seven-member board of directors. The number of board members has increased, and a nine-member board now governs the Foundation. All nine directors are either current or retired employees of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, representing both sworn and non sworn personnel.

Though the Foundation has gone through several name changes, the purpose and commitment remain the same; to assist local members of law enforcement, and their families, who demonstrate a real and substantial need due to death, major illness, or other life-changing situation.

The Foundation relies mainly on donations from private individuals, organizations within our community, and prudent investing. The Foundation also receives contributions from United Way directed contributions, Sheriff's Reserves, and vending machines located in work areas throughout the Sheriff's Department's buildings. The Board of Trustees carefully monitors the funds and a complete audit is conducted annually by an independent firm.

The monies we disperse are grants, not loans, and we do not request repayment. Remember that all information regarding our grants is confidential. If you would like to learn more about assisting your law enforcement family, please visit our Donations page.

The Bruce Verhoeven Foundation serves the Sacramento Law Enforcement Community in a variety of ways. Besides individual grants, we have contributed to:

The foundation purchased a beautiful headstone for Sheriff McKinney's gravesite, to honor our first Sheriff, and the first deputy to be killed in the line of duty.

A member of the Board also personally delivers a beautiful flower arrangement to the gravesite of every deputy killed in the line of duty, on the anniversary of their death.