In the Line of Duty

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Sheriff Joseph McKinney portrait
Sheriff Joseph McKinney

Captain Charles J. Ogle portrait
Captain Charles J. Ogle

Deputy William L. Littlejohn portrait
Deputy William L. Littlejohn

Deputy Roger L. Bauman portrait
Deputy Roger L. Bauman

Deputy Kenneth B. Royal portrait
Deputy Kenneth B. Royal

Corporal Bruce R. Verhoeven portrait
Corporal Bruce R. Verhoeven

Deputy Stewart P. Baird portrait
Deputy Stewart P. Baird

Detective Christopher W. Boone portrait
Detective Christopher W. Boone

Deputy Eugene N. Luther portrait
Deputy Eugene N. Luther

Detective David E. Miller portrait
Detective David E. Miller

Sergeant Richard Deffner portrait
Sergeant Richard Deffner

Deputy Sandra L. Larson portrait
Deputy Sandra L. Larson

Deputy Kevin Patrick Blount portrait
Deputy Kevin Patrick Blount

Deputy Joseph Michael Kievernagel portrait
Deputy Joseph Michael Kievernagel

Deputy Jeffrey V. Mitchell portrait
Deputy Jeffrey V. Mitchell

Detective Vu Nguyen portrait
Detective Vu Nguyen

Deputy Paul W. DeRouen portrait
Deputy Paul W. DeRouen

Deputy Larry Canfield portrait
Deputy Larry Canfield

Deputy Danny Oliver portrait
Deputy Danny Oliver

Deputy Bob French portrait
Deputy Bob French

Deputy Mark Stasyuk portrait
Deputy Mark Stasyuk

Fallen K-9

K-9 Billy portrait
K-9 Billy

K-9 Nero portrait
K-9 Nero

K-9 Ado portrait
K-9 Ado